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FOX 8 Reducer

Modern reducer for sequential gas injection systems.

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Modern reducer intended for sequential LPG injection systems. Dedicated for modern engines, including cars with high efficient turbochargers, especially for cars with direct injection system.

Well thought-out construction resulted with improvement of reducer parameters while limiting external dimensions. Reduced eternal dimensions let to keep mounting process simple and make better deployment of all LPG system components.

Compact design let to optimize heat flow inside reducer which cause the improvement of thermodynamic parameters of device. Fast heating and upgraded heat flow causes less temperature fluctuations on the gas output.

What’s new

Liquid phase heating
Heating the liquid phase let us to transfer energy to gas medium more efficient, which lets to increase flow cross section and this cause increasing of efficient and power of reducer.

LPG reservoir
Reducer design include LPG reservoir which lets to eliminate rapid gas pressure changes at the gas output during rapid changes of engine load.

Modified control valve
New design of control valve lets to dose LPG faster and more precise eliminating pressure growth during CUT-OFF state.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 119 × 119 × 75 mm
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