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Where can I download KME software?

All materials, including software and documents, can be found in the download area.

Where can I find manuals for the program?

The user manual and diagrams are included in the program.
We also encourage you to see the KME Academy film series.

What engine can be converted with KME NEVO-SKY DIRECT?

The DIRECT controller is a universal system for direct injection engines. You can see the list of cars below. If the engine code is not present contact your regional advisor.

I have a problem with the assembly of the installation, what can I do?

If you have encountered a problem, you can contact the regional advisor, or send an e-mail to the address with a precisely described case.

This video will help you prepare the data for analysis.

Can the CCT5 sensor be replaced?

CCT5 sensor and older were withdrawn from production. Currently, the CCT6-ANALOG version (gray housing) compatible with Diego G3 controllers is produced. This version of the sensor is also used in most NEVO-SKY controllers (except SUN controllers).

Can the CCT6-D (black) sensor be replaced with the CCT6 (gray) sensor?

NO. The CCT6-D (black) sensor is a digital sensor and is not compatible with the CCT6 (gray) analog sensor.

Does the AVATAR interface match the KME NEVO-SKY MAX driver?

NO. The AVATAR bluetooth interface matches the NEVO family drivers. For NEVO-SKY family controllers, use the KME AVATAR-SKY interface. These interfaces have a different transmission speed.

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