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Can I install LPG in my car?

KME installations from the NEVO-SKY family is a universal solution for spark ignition combustion engines with electromagnetic injectors. This means that we support most of the available car brands and models.
To make sure whether the car can be converted to LPG, it is best to ask the workshop. Prepare the relevant data to facilitate the search. You may find it useful:

Car model and brand
Year of production
Engine power and capacity
Engine code or VIN number

Is it possible to convert direct injection engine to gas supply?


YES. For cars with direct injection, we use NEVO-SKY DIRECT controllers. However, you should take into account the low fuel consumption when working on gas in order to protect the petrol injectors.

Do KME FENIX injectors will handle 4 cylinder car 220 HP ?

YES. KME FENIX injectors have a capacity of up to 65KM per cylinder, so for 4 cylinders they can handle a maximum of 260KM.

Why does the DIRECT controller use gasoline while working on gas?

As in the direct injection engine, the petrol injector is mounted inside the combustion chamber, it is exposed to very high temperature and pressure. When working on gasoline, the fuel flowing through it cools it down and prevents the build-up of carbon deposits. Without fuel flow, the gasoline injector may be damaged. Therefore, by ensuring the cooling and cleaning of the injectors while working on gas, we guarantee the reliability and safety of the gas system.

How often is a gas system inspection recommended?

Every 10,000 km or 1 year.

Where can I set up a KME installation?

To find a workshop recommended by us, we encourage you to find it in the area using the map, contact a regional advisor, or make an appointment at a company workshop.

Will I get a warranty for KME installations?

KME gives a 2-year warranty on products manufactured by us. The warranty for the gas installation is provided by the workshop where the installation is installed.

What do I have to do after installing KME gas installations?

The workshop where the gas installation was installed is obliged to submit the installation approval document. After receiving such a document, you should go to the local Department of Communications to register the mounted installation.

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