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Reliability build in


NEVO-SKY JET Eco RL is dedicated to engines equipped with indirect fuel injection, it supports up to 4 cyl.

Quick info




It is dedicated to engines equipped with indirect fuel injection. (Ed The line is based on a new platform SKY dedicated to modern engines. ECU NEVO-SKY JET ECO support up to 4 cyl. This means a great convenience for assemblers, which will be able to use one software based on the SKY platform for all controllers offered by the NEVO-SKYfamily, including DIRECT controllers.


Some cars (e.g. Mitsubishi or cars for the American market) require the use of a dedicated RL version of the gas controller. It is the most universal version of the controller – it can be used in any car. RL version available on request.


AUTO-SETUP in 5 steps

To facilitate assembly and calibration, the NEVO-SKY family ECUs have the AUTO-SETUP function, which in a simple and quick way helps in setting up most cars.


The NEVO-SKY family, to which the JET product line belongs, works with the NEVO-SKY software, which has been equipped with an advanced SKY EXPERT SYSTEM for automatic detection of irregularities in the settings and operation of the gas system. This system generates hints / warnings and suggests solutions. Each time a warning occurs, an audible signal is triggered so as not to miss the moment when the information is given. With each release of the EXPERT SYSTEM SKY software, the knowledge base is expanded to assist in the calibration of cars.


Additional information

number of cylinders [available versions]


Operate with OBD Adapter

OBD parameters monitor

Automatic OBD errors reset

OBD system adaptation - OSA

Support reverse OBD correction

map on-board system adaptation - MOSA


Number of analog inputs, ie. Lambda Probe


Additional analog input in CCT6-D sensor

Number of outputs 12VOUT


RPM readings from camshaft sensor


Ability to work without connecting RPM wire


Decreasing of gas injection time for cold engine [cold VAG]


Fuel overlap [petrol-gas] during switching to gas


Configureable 3D correction maps for banks


Configureable correction of gas pressure


Dose correction for gas injectors / bank configuration


Master/Slave function


Gas injectors test


Reducer pressure letting off on cut-off


Gas injectors heating


Built-in fuel level emulator

Built-in fuel pressure emulator

Configurable engine temperature correction with OBD

SKY expert system [built-in]


Hydrophobic venting of CPU


Switch-over with low engine load


3D maps of adding petrol


Type of supported engines


Support for LPG and CNG


Start&Stop function


Preview of operating parameters with recorder


In the absence of gas, automatic return to gasoline and automatic switching to gas


Set the permissible number of emergency starts


Support vehicles after chip tuning [high power engines]


Pressure sensor


Dedicated inductive emulator