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Pressure sensor CCT6-D (NEVO)

NEVO CCT6-D (NEVO) is available in black colour.

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We are pleased to announce that our offer includes a new CCT 6 pressure sensor for Diego G3 and a CCT6-D pressure sensor for systems with a Nevo controller.

Two colors have been introduced to easily distinguish the sensors. And so the NEVO CCT6-D (NEVO) sensor is black, while the CCT 6 (DIEGO G3) sensor is gray.

The CCT6 pressure sensor for Diego G3 (gray housing) replaces its predecessors, i.e. the PS CC2, PS CCT3, PS CCT4 and PS CCT5 sensor. Only the PS CC1 sensor remains in the current version.

The pressure sensor CCT6-D Nevo replaces the sensor PS CCT4-D and PS CCT5-D.

The new sensors have been equipped with a 5-pin connector, therefore, the PS CCT6 to Diego G3 pressure sensor has no additional temperature reading cable.

We draw attention to the need to purchase also a pressure sensor harness that allows installers to connect the sensor to the Nevo or Diego G3 harness (new sensor PS CCT6 has a 5 pins).

Detailed information about the new sensor can be found in the attached files.