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E10 Petrol Yes or No

E10 petrol – yes or no?

E10 petrol – yes or no? Is it easy to find the answer to this question right?

This material sheds light on the controversial introduction of 95 E10 gasoline in Poland. The film will take you behind the scenes of decisions regarding the new fuel, analyzing its impact on the car’s components and performance.

The use of biocomponents in fuels is nothing new. This is an idea that has been put into practise since the serious fuel crisis in the early 1970s. Biocomponents appeared for the first time in diesel fuel.

Is E10 petrol a step forward or a source of new problems? This is a question that both experts and ordinary citizens are asking themselves as we face the next stage of Poland’s energy transformation.
Marek Suder, rally driver and constructor, will answer these and many other questions.