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  /  LPG MAJSTER   /  We are moving full speed ahead into the fifth season on the KME channel!

We are moving full speed ahead into the fifth season on the KME channel!

Welcome to all gas fuel lovers on the KME Autogas Systems channel!

This is the fifth season of LPG Majster on YouTube, although KME has been producing systems for converting cars to gas for 25 years! Formerly Diagnoskop, and today a complete KME LPG supply system for cars with indirect, direct and dual injection. From older, classic cars to the latest designs. Get ready for a dose of technological curiosities and see how KME raises the standards of ecology and energy efficiency!

This year, we will take a look at specific real-life cases and see how much you can gain by choosing our ecological solutions. Check how #1LPGSystem is developing Trust workshops that assemble complete KME autogas sets in Poland and around the world!

We will look behind the scenes of our LPG installation production process. From prototype to finished product – every step is important!

Marek Suder used to be an installer of car gas systems, and today a mechanic, constructor and rally driver will show how he builds classic rally cars at Gazmot Motorsport!

Team KME – Gazmot Motorsport will take part in rallies in Poland and Europe.

We will actively support Automobilklub Łódzki and meet you at the Motodrom in Łódź! KME Autogas Systems means continuous development! Save fuel, take care of your wallet and the planet!

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