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FALCON Injector

The injectors are designed for automotive LPG sequential injection systems in vehicles with an internal combustion engine. These are the components responsible for the precise dosing of LPG to the inlet channels of the engine cylinders. 1, 2, 3, 4 cylinder versions are available.

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FALCON injectors are new to KME’s offer since 2018. They were introduced as a recommended element to be used in NEVO and NEVO-SKY installations. They are characterized by high quality of workmanship, which is guaranteed by rigorous control of parameters during production and a meticulous selection of materials used in it. The wide possibility of configuration of the injectors and vertical power supply give the installers great possibilities in terms of selection and arrangement under the hood of the vehicle. FALCON injectors are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 cylinder variants.

FALCON temperatura pracy

The distinctive feature of our injector is to work at extremely low temperatures. The device is approved for use at a temperature of minus 40 degrees Celsius.

FALCON injectors are based on a non-dismountable piston structure and enable gas supply in the vertical axis – from the top. Advanced production technology and the use of high-quality materials with high magnetic permeability and high saturation induction ensure long and reliable operation of the injectors, calculated for over half a billion cycles.
FALCON powloka fluoropolimerowa

The product contains seals made of rubber-based mixtures (FKM) and modern fluoropolymer sliding  coatings  (non-stick and anti-freeze) that make th e injector extremelly resistant to fuel pollution and low temperatures. The injector is equipped with a standard Superseal 2-pin connector.

The injectors are designed for single assembly and in the following variants: double, triple and quadruple. If a single injector is used, a manifold is used to connect it, and in other variants – a mounting rail.

wtryskiwacze FALCON zestawienie

A permanent marking with basic information about approval and a serial number was applied to the injector housing by laser engraving, for easy product identification.

The injector is available in two performance versions: FALCON (standard) and FALCON PLUS. The choice of the injector version and the use of calibration nozzles enable conversion to LPG of almost any engine up to a power of approx. 70 KM / cyl. The wide possibility of configuration of the injectors and vertical power supply give installers great possibilities in terms of selection and placement under the hood of the vehicle.



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