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Reliability build in


A pioneering controller NEVO PRO with an integrated OBD on board. This ECU is dedicated to the latest generation cars which fulfill emission standards EURO 4/5 /6. NEVO PRO contoller is available in version 4, 6, 8 cylinders.The controller has compact structure as well as hermetic and improved body cover. Easy and quick assembly of the controller allows to optimizethe time of work of the installer.

NEVO PRO similarly to NEVO PLUS makes it possible to read analogue signals, e.g. Lambda Probe, connection of PPO converter in the cars of Valvetronic type. Additionally it has configurable 12V output which by means of a relay can disconnect for instance the fuel pump.

Quick info



Components of electronic set
  • controller
  • main harness
  • fuel level indicator
  • mounting accessories
  • pressure sensor
  • control panel
NEVO automotive CPU

Family drivers sequential gas injection NEVO was based on the proven and reliable system DIEGO. The newest and technologically advanced design is based on a dual-core processor dedicated to the automotive industry – AUTOMOTIVE – which facilitates precise control of the LPG and CNG fuel combustion process in modern car engines.





There are also solutions with an RL induction emulator, used with extremely sensitive gasoline controllers, signaling the disconnection of gasoline injectors after installing the gas system in the car.

Our system supports the latest generation cars with the ecological START / STOP function.


NEVO valvematic valvetronic

Reliable operation and increased possibilities have been guaranteed by the use of a digital bus. The latest generation controller family NEVO provides support for both standard motors, as well as innovative solutions such as: Valvematic, VALVETRONIC (without manifold vacuum).

  • Automatic switching to gas supply and a self return to the petrol in case of lack of gas.
  • Automatic dimming of the panel diodes after dark
  • User-friendly panel informing about the current operating status of the installation, including: inspections, self-diagnosis codes
  • Emergency Starting on gas
  • Mechanism: warm start “, which allows you to start the car on gas when the engine is” hot “
  • Automatic calibration of the gas level indicator
  • An extensive self-diagnosis system, including system test, recorder. error codes with quantity and time of occurrence
  • Built-in test of gas injectors
  • Workshop options (inspections, blocking the controller with a workshop password, monitoring changes made to the controller)
  • Registration of working time on gas and petrol
  • Selecting the color of the status LED or turning it off on the driver’s panel

Compared to our first DIEGO G3 sequential gas injection system, the current system has an easy-to-use, intuitive program interface. In cooperation with the assemblers who calibrate cars on a daily basis, the program became easier to use, e.g. FUNC bar informing about active functions of the controller and always visible readings sidebar, which is helpful in current monitoring of the system.

Proprietary solutions for adapting the gas controller OSA and MOSA ensure comfortable use of a gas-powered car and automatic adjustment of the gas dose to changing operating conditions. MOSA (Map On-Board System Adaptation, ie Adaptation According to Map) is available in all NEVO family controllers. It allows you to correct the gas dose based on the characteristics of work on gasoline and monitor work on gas.


NEVO On Board Diagnostic SystemOSA Adaptation (OBD System Adaptation, ie OBD Adaptation) is available in the NEVO PRO controller with a built-in OBD module. In installations with NEVO and NEVO PLUS controllers, the OSA mechanism is available after adding the OBD v2 adapter, produced by our company. The mechanism using data from OBD allows you to: adjust the mixture composition in accordance with the gasoline controller strategy, monitor the system operation mode, monitor any errors in the gasoline controller with the option of erasing them.
  • Constant and stable gas dose adaptation (built-in MOSA, OSA mechanism)
  • Maintaining the dynamics and traction properties of the vehicle (power, acceleration)
  • Engine starting mode at low ambient temperatures
  • Modular compatibility of harnesses connection in NEVO family controllers
  • The START / STOP function is intended for cars with low CO2 emissions
  • Easy assembly enabled by a compact design and a modular solution for adding a harness of optimal length and technical parameters
  • Automatic and / or manual advanced system configuration and calibration
  • Innovative software functions (adding gasoline while working on gas, detection of changes in the injection system type, correction for acceleration, anti-interference filters, etc.)
NEVO modułowość

Vehicles with NEVO systems meet the EURO 4/5/6 emission standards.

One of the most important assembly features of the system is MODULARITY. In a situation where the car needs better and more effective calibration, and the car has a NEVO controller with one black harness, only add the gray harness to the one already installed and replace the controller with NEVO PLUS or PRO. There is no need to replace the entire installation, just add elements to the existing one.


slider_sun SUN gas ECU Reliability of NEVO on the SKY platform A PROVEN SOLUTION IN A MODERN DESIGN SUN

Additional information

Number of cylinders [versions available]

4, 6, 8

Cooperation with the OBD Adapter

OBD parameter monitor


Auto-Clear OBD errors


OBD Adaptation - OSA


Support reverse OBD corrections


Adaptation according to maps - MOSA


Number of analog inputs, e.g. lambda probe signal


Additional analog input in the CCT6-D sensor


Number of control outputs 12V


Engine RPM reading from the camshaft sensor


Ability to work without an RPM cable connected


Lean gas injection on cold engine (cold VAG)


Overlapping petrol-gas phases when switching the system to gas


Customizable 3D correction maps for banks


Configurable correction for gas pressure


Dose correction for gas injectors / bank configuration


Master/Slave option


Gas injectors test


Reducer pressure release at cut-off


Gas injectors heating


Fuel level emulator built into the controller

Fuel pressure emulator built into the controller

Configurable correction from engine temperature with OBD

SKY expert system [built-in]


Hydrophobic venting of the controller


Switch to gas at low load


Gasoline addition 3D maps


Type of supported engines


Supports LPG andCNG


Start & Stop function


Preview of operating parameters on the recorder


In case of lack of gas, automatic return to petrol and automatic switching to gas


Setting the allowable number of actuations of emergency


Supports cars after chip tuning [high power]


Pressure sensor


Set components

additional harness, basic harness, connection accessories, control panel, gas ECU, gas gauge, pressure sensor

Control panel


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