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DG8 Compact control panel

DG8 Compact control panel [benzyna/gaz] – used for communication between the driver and the gas controller.

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The innovative KME DG8 Compact control panel is designed to work with NEVO-SKY sequential gas injection systems. The control unit is the smallest device in the KME product range, which makes its installation extremely easy and requires little interference in the interior of the vehicle.




The functioning of the DG8 Compact panel, based on the use of one diode and its different colors to display all installation messages, makes it easier for drivers to concentrate on the signaled information [e.g. fuel level]. The design of the device took into account the fact that a limited number of messages affects security.




DG 8 Compact vs. DG7 RGB

DG8 Compact and DG7 RGB size comparison.




The minimalist design of the DG8 Compact panel fits into the modern design of modern cars and ensures its comfortable use. The elongated form given to the control unit means that it can be fixed in the cockpit of the car in a convenient place for the user.



  • is used for communication between the driver and the gas controller
  • automatically or manually switches the power supply to gas
  • informs light and sound about the lack of gas in the tank
  • automatically darkens after dark



Additional information

Automatically or manually switches to gas supply

Informs light and sound about the lack of gas in the tank

Automatically dims after dark


Possibility to choose the colors of the LEDs [RGB]