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Fuel level emulator EPP-2 (PSA, HONDA, JAPAN)

In modern cars, where fuel consumption is based on gasoline injection times, the device is used to restore the indication of the actual gasoline level when the engine is started.

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In some modern cars, the fuel level is determined when the engine is started based on readings from a sensor in the fuel tank. The fuel level indication on the driver’s gauge is corrected by the petrol computer based on the current consumption resulting from the petrol injection times. In this case, while driving on gas, the petrol level indicator in the car shows the loss of fuel in the tank even though the fuel is not consumed. Thanks to the use of the EPP emulator, the fuel level indication will be restored to the actual state each time the engine is started.


The small dimensions of the device and hermetic casing allow the device to be mounted next to the fuel tank, where the emulator may be exposed to weather conditions.

Technical data:

– supply voltage – 10 – 15V
– working temperature – -20°C – + 70°C

The table shows examples of vehicle models where it is advisable to use the EPP fuel level emulator. Some cars may have different plugs than those described in the manual.

In cars not listed in the table, where there is a problem of virtual fuel depletion, the emulator should be connected according to diagram 3.

The correct fuel level signal wire can be found with a voltmeter (the voltage changes as the fuel level in the tank changes). As a rule, the correct wire is thinner than the others.

Connecting scheme