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Diesel on LPG | LPG Majster S03E33

DVan on LPG? How, it’s DIESEL after all?

Thanks to the cooperation of COGAS and KME, the new COGAS NEVO-SKY DIESEL gas controller was created thanks to this controller and the complete KME gas conversion kit Renault Master traverses the routes cheaper and more efficiently.

The advantage of this type of gas installation is that there is no need to modify the engine, so the system is universal and can be used in all types of engines. System is not very “invasive” and is limited only to the installation of the reducer (the same as in the 4th generation installations for petrol units), gas injector, filter, MAP sensor and control unit.

For the proper operation of the system, it is necessary to properly configure the system and calibrate it. The calibration method developed by COGAS guarantees the maximum usage of the system, and the same, measurable savings.

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